My SAT>IP Server

I bought a SAT>IP Server to bring my satellite TV into my WLAN. I want this because my satellite's connection is in another place in the room than my TV.

First learning: You need a SAT>IP Server, not a SAT>IP Receiver. A SAT>IP Server receives signals from the LNB. A SAT>IP Receiver receives a connection from the SAT>IP Server and transforms it into an HDMI stream (for example). As SAT>IP Receiver you can also use the VLC software which will just display the video stream. When buying, make sure you buy a server.

Second learning: The latest Kathrein EXIP 418 SAT>IP Server did not work with my setup. It needs a multi-switch between the LNB and the server. When buying, make sure you understand the setup. Mine looks like this:

So I settled for a Telestar TwinBit SAT>IP Server.


To watch TV on my Windows Laptop, I download VLC and start it. Click View->Playlist. Point it to Universal Plug'n'Play, and wait 6 minutes, 47 seconds, and the server appears:

But if I click on it I get the next challenge:
VLC is unable to open the MRL ''

To change this (thanks to

  • point your Windows Explorer to your home directory (e.g. c:\users\thorsten)
  • enter AppData (hidden folder) -> roaming -> vlc
  • edit vlcrc, set qt-advanced-pref=1

Restart VLC and click on Tools -> Preferences ->Playlist -> Services discovery -> UPnP, set your satellite, e.g. Astra 19.2 E:

Now I can choose channels, and when I double-click on them, they play:


I got the TwinBit SAT>IP receiver to work with my Panasonic TV. I had to select "TV" on the remote control, then wait several minutes, then start a channel search. It was unclear first that waiting would help.

Now, when I switch on the TV, I can watch Satellite TV over the WLAN by

  • clicking TV on the remote control
  • selecting TV>IP from the menu
  • waiting 12 minutes, 41 seconds
  • after the TV program shows, switching channels works like a charm

TeleStar TwinBit

With the TeleStar TwinBit server I have the issue that I have to wait. For VLC, I have to wait 6 minutes, 47 seconds, then, 3'18", then, 4'35".
With the Panasonic TV I had to wait 12'41"


How much Watts does the thing eat?

Why do I have to wait so long before the program shows up?

Why do I have to wait so long before I can do a search on TV?

Why is a search on TV needed?

Why are German programs first in VLC's playlist, there should be so many others?


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